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Benefits of Blogging for website

Perhaps you have been wondering why your business needs a blog? According to WordPress, more than 409 million people view over 20 billion pages every single month. As such, writing a high-quality blog can be an influential business tool.

The advantages of blogging for business include, boosting clientele and driving sales while reinforcing your brand and identity as an industry expert. Interested? Then read on.


Sharing your area of expertise through a blog will enable you to build credibility with your audience. Writing relevant information will be useful for your readership. In turn, this simple action will allow you to be known as an industry expert or thought leader.

If you have the customer’s trust, you are halfway to gaining their loyalty. For this reason, becoming an industry leader is a huge advantage and most certainly one of the benefits of blogging for business.


Blogging for your business is an excellent way to gain website traffic. To do this, you need to know your clientele. Take some time to research your customers thoroughly. What are the most asked questions in and around your industry? Determine why they should care about what you have to say.

Ultimately, you want to draw people in throughout the various points on their customer journey. Once you have researched your audience, you should conduct keyword research to identify your blog topics and remember to optimise your posts with SEO basics. Your blogs will be the initial hook. The next stage is to interlink these posts to landing pages and services within your website.


The blog allows you to capture the attention of your target audience. Your service landing page may only appeal to people who are ready to make a purchase. Whereas, a blog will allow you to reach out to people who are at various stages of their customer journey and convert them into loyal consumers.


As you will be attracting a broader spectrum of relevant buyers, you will naturally see enhanced returns. Blogging for your business gives you the chance to get into the minds of your customers and answer related questions. Not only will you gain the attention of potential buyers and engage them with your content, but you will increase the possibility that these page visitors will return. As such, you will see an increase in sales and benefit from the blog.


Blogging creates a space for you to reinforce your business’ brand. It is the perfect opportunity to share your company’s personality. Remember, keep your colour palette, style and tone of voice continuously on-brand throughout for best results. What is the point of strengthening your brand through a blog? The aim is to strengthen that personal connection with your customers. Once clients relate to your business, their loyalty will follow. Ultimately, blogging for your business benefits your company’s revenue!


Blogging for your business instigates the opportunity for people to link back to your website, share your content and recommend you to their friends. It is also a great way to grab the attention of journalists, particularly if you include a section specifically for industry news and press releases. This is also an opportunity to create viral content.


New relationships are another essential benefit for businesses with blogs. Connections are often made with your customers and other companies as well. Ultimately, you are contributing to your industry’s community. If your line of work is very niche, you may have the opportunity to create a community from scratch.

By participating in your industry’s community, you will build trust with customers and create valuable links for future business opportunities. As such, these new relationships are one of the fundamental benefits of blogging for business.

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